ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment Practice Questions

1. A client expresses mistrust of coaches in general. You should:

a. Explain that you cannot continue without trust.
b. Acknowledge the mistrust and invite the client to explore further.
c. Refuse to accept the client into your practice.
d. Work hard to earn the client’s trust.

2. A client wants you to speak with his spouse. You should:

a. Explain that you only do individual coaching.
b. Agree to do so.
c. Ask the client how he believes it would benefit the coaching.
d. Refuse to do so, citing confidentiality.

3. A manager wants detailed reports from your coaching of his employees. You should:

a. Cite confidentiality and refuse.
b. Refer the manager to the employee coaching agreement.
c. Offer to meet with the manager to discuss how to do so while keeping with the coaching agreement.
d. Cancel your coaching contract.

4. A client brings up Major Depressive Disorder in a session. You should:

a. Decline to comment, as this is a mental health diagnosis.
b. Immediately refer the client to a licensed therapist.
c. Ask the client how major depression affects her coaching outcomes and be prepared to make a referral to a therapist.
d. Explain that you don’t treat depression.


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