Is Life Coaching for Real?

is life coaching real

Is life coaching real?

Life coaching has been around for a while, but like everything else, it grows and changes with the times. It’s hard to imagine, that even when we know what needs to be done, another person telling us what to do will magically make some difference. But it does.

Life coaching is real because the coach draws the solutions out of you and then couples those solutions with your inner resources or states of excellence. This is where NLP comes in handy if you’re wanting to succeed in a coaching career! When you leave a coaching session, you not only have clarity but motivation as well. And that makes all the difference.

The Real Benefits of Life Coaching

• Encouragement & Focus ~ Life coaches are a constant reminder to maintain focus and a valuable cheerleader when we attain our goals.

• A Singular Perspective ~ The world is full of great advice, sometimes too much. A life coach clears the tangled abyss and isolates the most important handful of things for your goals. We can do these things for ourselves, for a minute, but the droves of new ideas and quick fixes will find their way into our heads without a life coach.

• We are our own worst critics. We are only satisfied with giant successes and let tiny setbacks get us down. A life coach doesn’t let that inner voice creep in and reminds us that every step forward is a step forward.

Once you’ve spent the time and money on a life coach, it’s important to maintain a new way of life and personality that the life coach has helped to instill. We can’t employ a life coach forever, which is why we have to adopt the habits they teach permanently.

Keep notes on not only what the life coach teaches you, but on your feelings and reactions in certain situations, good and bad. Save these for help with similar circumstances when you’re on your own. It may sound silly but think of it as your own self-help book.

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