Life Coach Training Online – The 3 Most Surprising Advantages of Learning from Home

Life Coaching Training Online by Mike Bundrant of iNLP Center

Getting your life coach certification online comes with the usual advantages of online learning: it’s more convenient and less expensive. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the life coach student in training must choose between convenience and price on the one hand and quality of training on the other.


For the sake of quieting the sacred cow that moos the same old story about traditional classroom learning, check out the following advantages of life coach training online.

The Benefits of Online Life Coach Training that will surprise you the most, according to our experience training more than 2000 students in three years:

1. You learn and integrate more skills during online life coach training than you can possibly learn in a classroom.

Classrooms are fixed, both in geography and time. Online coach training happens in both a virtual and real world environment, without the constraints of brick and mortar.

For example, during online life coach training, you will read, listen and watch the training in a user-friendly learning environment. Then, you will practice your skills offline, with current clients (when applicable) or friends and family.

In some cases, you’ll report and receive feedback on observations and interactions with strangers or unwitting colleagues. All this allows for integration of skills.

In other words, your life is the classroom!

When you learn life coaching online, you can repeat the protocols over and over, as many times as you want, get feedback from your trainer over Skype, and thus perfect your technique. No time limitations. No pressure. You are learning on your own terms, in the context of your own life!

And this is now lifelong skills are developed.

When you learn in a classroom, you must figure out how to integrate the skills on your own. With online life coach training, you are coached throughout the integration process.

This has been one of the most productive aspects of learning at the iNLP Center. It’s simply irreplaceable if you want to get good and coaching others.

2. You’re more likely to succeed in the life coaching business.

This advantage is specific to the iNLP Center life coach certification online. When you enroll in our life coach business package program, we’ll begin to build a website for you (on your own domain) and teach you how to market your coaching practice.

We’re experts at online marketing and practice building. So, we’ll teach you the ropes. You’ll get hands on marketing experience and exposure on our network of high traffic websites. You will practice writing articles to educate potential clients and promote your work.

By the time you are done with your certification, you’ll be well versed in marketing your life coaching practice and set up for success!

How can you beat that?

3. The student gets more individual attention.

When you take your life coach training online from the iNLP Center, help is always near. As you study and questions arise, an email, phone call or quick Skype chat can clear them up.

This is strikingly different from traditional classroom learning. In a classroom, you compete with other students for attention. You may even feel self-conscious about getting the help you need. And when the class is over, so is your contact with the instructors.

Online learning at the right training institute changes all this. Imagine being able to ping your trainer over Skype whenever you need to, even well after the training is ‘over.’